maandag 19 januari 2009

Amsterdamse Huizen

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Mijn foto Bernard Leupen Since my graduation in the roaring seventies I was interested in dwelling architecture and the architecture of the city. From 1988 until 1990 I worked together with Rem Koolhaas who was a guest professor at that time. Together we organised two symposia “Whether Europe” (with people like Zaha Hadid, Hans Kollhoff, and Bernard Tschumi) and “Hoe modern is de Nederlandse architectuur”. Since fifteen years I am focussing on research. So I am writing a lot of texts and books like Ontwerp en Analyse (Design and analysis, co author) and The IJ-plein book. In 2002 I finished my PHd thesis Frame and Generic space (010 publishers) and became Doctorate.Together with Jasper van Zwol, René Heijne and Birgit Jürgenhake we made the book “Time Based Architecture”, a book about the influence of changes in program and lifestyle on the design of buildings. After educating first and second year students in the 70’s and 80’s I got a lot of final course students in the 90’s, sometimes resulting in Archiprix prices. During the program 2006-2007 I was a guest professor at the academy in Copenhagen. Since 2007 I am Co-ordinating Editor of Time-based Architecture International.